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These videos are a great way to help get the
conversation started with your client about
coverage options. 


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What Is a Short Term Medical Plan?
What services are covered? How quickly can coverage begin, and how long can it last? This video can help your clients understand what Short Term Medical is and what it isn't. (About 2 minutes) 
How Does a Short Term Medical Plan Work?
Help your clients make an informed decision about whether or not a short term plan is right for them.  This video explains the basics of how short term health insurance works. (About 3 minutes) 
What Is TriTerm Medical Insurance?
Do you have clients who would like coverage for preventive care, doctor visits, and the stability of the same insurance for nearly 3 years? This video introduces a plan that could be the answer. (About 2 minutes)
What Is Health ProtectorGuard Fixed Indemnity Insurance? 
Help your clients understand the simple, straightforward benefits provided by Health ProtectorGuard fixed indemnity insurance by sharing this short video. (About 2 minutes)
Use this video to help guide your clients through the range of Health ProtectorGuard options and show them how the right plan can help them pay eligible medical expenses. (About 3 minutes) 
What Are the Features of Enhanced Dental Plans?
Because dental, vision, and hearing care are all important to your clients, use this video to help explain how an Enhanced Dental plan from Golden Rule Insurance Company may be the right fit. (About 2 minutes)
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