Critical Illness Insurance

                  44% of Americans have less than $5,887 in
                  savings to cover a financial crisis.1 

Product Information

Loss of income resulting from a serious illness would likely affect your clients’ way of life. Critical Illness
insurance pays cash directly to your client in a single payment for a qualifying serious illness.

Critical Illness Plans Offer
  Maximum Lifetime Benefit of $10,000 - $50,000

  Flexibility to allocate cash as needed

  Simple application with yes or no answers

Critical Illness Product Availability
Critical Illness Product
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Critical Illness


Let us be the secret to your success!
Start here with these sales tips to help you with
your next client quote.

Sales Tips

We want you to be successful and feel prepared to present our product portfolio to your clients.
Use these Sales Tips to grow your Critical Illness business.

· Recognize a need for Critical Illness insurance - Get to know your clients to determine their insurance needs. If your client is a single income earner in the home, they may want to consider a Critical Illness plan. If their primary health insurance plan has a high deductible, Critical Illness insurance could be beneficial. Even with health insurance, a critical illness can be financially devastating. Having a Critical Illness plan in place can help ease the financial strain of an unexpected serious illness. 
· With or Without Health Insurance - Critical Illness insurance is not limited to those with a health insurance plan. Critical Illness insurance can pair with a major medical plan, temporary health insurance plan, or stand-alone. 


When is the right time to offer a certain product?
How does it compare to other options?
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Product Positioning

We know your clients have a choice of products to meet their needs. That’s why we want to share a
 few ways our Critical Illness products may be the best option for your client.

· Position as tax advantaged benefit with flexible spending - With Critical Illness insurance, your client receives a cash benefit for a qualifying illness. The money can be used however your client sees
fit - to cover bills, childcare, travel for treatment and more. This can be a great selling point. 
· Could your client afford to make mortgage payments if they were unable to work? Would large medical bills put a strain on their finances? Does your client have money set aside for a major health care crisis? Asking questions can help determine if Critical Illness insurance is a good fit.  
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1Corporation for Enterprise Development, "Treading Water in the Deep End: Findings from the 2014 Assets & Opportunity Scorecard," January 2014. 

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