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More than 35 million U.S. adults had no health insurance for at least part of the past year.1

Product Information

TriTerm Medical Offers:
Preventive Care Coverage: You don't have to be sick to access care. After 6 months on the plan, take your family to the doctor for wellness checks -- a $200 benefit per term, per person.2
Doctor Office Coverage: Doctor visits are covered on all TriTerm Medical plans. With some plans, your first 4 doctor visits (per term, per person) cost $50 each with no deductible to meet.
Prescription Coverage: All TriTerm Medical plans have prescription coverage. Copay Select plans have a $25 copay for common (Tier 1) prescriptions.
Map indicating states where TriTerm Medical is offered


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  • TriTerm Medical plans are designed to fit that sweet spot of needing something more than a standard short term plan of less than 12 months. TriTerm Medical plans are short term plans, but they extend term of coverage to nearly 3 years and robust benefits give it that extra value some customers are looking for.
  • TriTerm Medical plans are not ACA plans and do not offer minimum essential coverage as defined by the ACA, but they do include some of the benefits. This sets this product apart from many limited duration health plans.
  • This coverage bundles well with other Golden Rule Insurance Company products, including dental and vision plans. An optional accident benefit is available for an additional premium.
  • Product design and availability varies by state. Please refer to product brochure


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Product Positioning

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  • Your clients may find stability in knowing that they will need to apply just once for coverage that equals one day less than 3 years.3
  • Having to meet just two deductibles per family, per term, makes this product a good option for your clients with children.4
  • Unlike some limited duration plans, after 12 months, expenses relating to eligible preexisting conditions are covered per the terms of the plan.
  • There is a $2 million lifetime maximum benefit per person.2

1 National Center for Health Statistics, National Health Interview Survey, 2010-2018, Family Core component.
2 In Iowa, Copay Select Max is the only plan available. The maximum benefit is $750,000 per person, per term. The $200 per person, per term preventive care maximum benefit does not apply.
3 33 months in South Carolina
4 In Missouri, no family coverage is available. Plans are individual only, and the applicant must be at least 20 years of age when the policy is issued.

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