Short Term Medical

               More than 77% of Short Term plans were issued 
               outside of Open Enrollment in 2016.1 

Product Information

Gone are the days when Short Term plans were only for clients between jobs and early retirees waiting for Medicare eligibility. Short Term Medical has evolved into a product most anyone can use to bridge the gap to other coverage. Offering benefits for major medical events with an out-of-pocket maximum, Short Term insurance plans can serve as a budget-friendly insurance option.

Short Term Plans Offer
  Access to a nationwide network

  Plan options for premium flexibility

  Supplemental Accident optional benefit

Short Term Medical Product Availability Map   Enlarge Short Term Product Availability Map
Check the product grid for information on term lengths available in a specific state


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Short Term bundles with other products

Bundle Short Term Medical with other supportive health products to provide even greater coverage and earn more compensation. Consider products like Dental, Vision, Critical Illness, and Accident with your next Short Term quote. Remember, even when Short Term coverage ends, the coverage for additional plans continues, as long as premium is paid, so you'll keep earning commissions.
Short Term with Accident
Supplemental Accident rider or an Accident ProGuard plan can offer benefits that can help cover higher deductibles and out-of-pocket exposure when an accident occurs. 
Compare the two and then use E-Store's Shopping Cart to create the right quote for your customer.
Supplemental Accident Optional Benefit
 Accident ProGuard
Paid toward the Short Term plan deductible and coinsurance up to the benefit amount.
Pays cash to your client, fixed amounts, based on accident and services as a result of the accident.
Benefit amounts range from $1,000 - $12,500 Includes AD&D and Critical Illness benefit
Single Bill - Premium paid with Short Term plan premium Separate premium, but if the Short Term plan ends, this plan will continue as long as premium is paid.


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Product Positioning

We know your clients have a choice of products to meet their needs. That’s why we want to share a 
few ways our Short Term products may be the best option for your client.

  • Short Term covers specific preventive services for children - This feature makes Short Term plans especially appealing  to families with young children.
  • Range of plan options available - The Short Term portfolio offers a range of plans with deductible options to meet your clients needs.  
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