Vision Insurance

      Vision benefits rank #2 most popular election 
      among employees, tying with Dental.1 

Product Information

Features coverage for glasses and/or contacts and eye exams, as well as additional discounts. 

UnitedHealthcare stand-alone Vision insurance plans feature two different coverage plan choices:

Additional Discounts
Additional discounts included with your clients' UnitedHealthcare stand-alone Vision insurance include discounted laser vision correction procedures through Laser Vision Network of America as well as the option to purchase high-quality, digital hearing aids at a discounted price. Now that's extra value!


Plan A
Coverage for either eyeglasses (lenses and/or frames) or contact lenses, not both

Plan B
Coverage for contact lenses in addition to eyeglasses

One eye exam is covered every 12 months
Your clients have the flexibility to use non-network providers; however, clients would pay any charge above UnitedHealthcare's allowance.
Product Availability by State  
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Sales Tips

We want you to be successful and feel prepared to present our product portfolio to your clients.
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· Popularity of Vision Benefits: Vision benefits ranked as the Number 2 most popular election among employees, tying with Dental.1
· Think Young: Millenials are most likely to take advantage of vision benefits. Nearly 30% of employees aged 18-34 said they used vision benefits more than once to pay for an eye health appointment in the past year, compared to 18% of Gen X'ers and 17% of baby boomers.1
· 1 in 4 millenials say Vision is the most appealing element of a benefit package. Bundling Vision insurance with other products is a great way to increase both your clients' coverage and your commission earnings!1 


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Product Positioning

We know your clients have a choice of products to meet their needs. That’s why we want to share a
ways our Vision products may be the best option for your client.

· Not all employers offer additional benefits like Vision--that's where you come in. Employer coverage doesn't always meet every employee's individual needs, and often the need for Vision insurance goes unmet. Even if your client has group medical coverage, ask them if they have a need for Vision insurance!
· Vision insurance from UnitedHealthcare offers discounts on Lasik procedures as well as discounts on hearing aids!
· Do your clients need glasses or contacts? UnitedHealthcare Vision plans feature coverage options for your client's choice of glasses OR contacts, or glasses in addition to contacts.  
1Employee Perceptions of Vision Benefits

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