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Looking for a company that values the health and well-being of its customers? Look no further than UnitedHealthcare. It is our mission to help people lead healthier lives. And the journey starts here, by choosing quality health insurance coverage. 

Why UnitedHealthcare?

Strength & Experience
UnitedHealthcare provides over 30 million Americans access to health care. (Source: UnitedHealth Group Annual Form 10-K for year ended 12/31/16) Within the UnitedHealthcare family of companies we have been serving the special needs of individuals and families buying their own coverage for over 70 years. 

  Highly Rated  
UnitedHealthcare Life Insurance Company is rated "A" (Excellent) by A.M. Best. This worldwide independent organization examines insurance companies and other businesses and publishes its opinion about them. This rating is an indication of our financial strength and stability. (12-11-16)
  Meeting the Needs of Individuals and Families  
From Short Term plans to Dental plans and other insurance that can help round out coverage like Vision, Accident, Hospital and Critical Illness plans, UnitedHealthcare's plans for individuals and families can help meet a variety of coverage needs. 



Broad Range of Coverage Options
UnitedHealthcare offers a large portfolio of products to help meet a variety of needs for individuals and families. We offer Short Term coverage to help bridge coverage gaps and offer coverage for things like Dental and Vision. Not to mention additional coverage like Accident and Hospital plans - designed to help manage out of pocket costs. More options, more flexibility, more freedom of choice. Get More with UnitedHealthcare Individual products.

UnitedHealthcare Individual Marketplace Updates
What is a fixed indemnity plan?
  Fixed indemnity plans pay a set amount of money for specific medical services. These plans are designed to offer simple, straight-forward benefits at a budget-friendly price. These plans have no term limitations, are renewable up to age 65 and can help ease out-of-pocket expenses. Login to see more.

Most products and services are underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company.
References to UnitedHealthcare pertain to each individual company or other UnitedHealthcare affiliated companies.
Administrative services are provided by United Healthcare Services, Inc.
Dental and Vision products are administrated by related UnitedHealthcare companies.
Core Access fixed indemnity plans are underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company and administered by The Loomis Company.
UnitedHealthOne is a brand name that represents a portfolio of insurance options for individuals and families.
Independence American Insurance Company and UnitedHealthOne are not affiliated and each entity is responsible for its own contractual and financial obligations.
All products require separate applications. Separate policies or certificates are issued. Medical plans are medically underwritten– see the product brochures and applications. Product availability varies by state.
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