Disability Income Insurance

You protect your family’s health, your car, and your home with insurance. But what about insurance for your paycheck? What would happen if an accident or illness prevented you from working? Disability Income insurance can provide a monthly check (tax-free) to help cover things like, food, rent, utilities, or a car payment for up to five years (depending on the coverage you select).

The Advantages of Disability Income Insurance

  • Flexible plan options to cover accidents and illnesses
  • Money can be used for medical and living expenses as you see fit
  • Benefit is usually tax-free

Choose the Plan That's Best for You

Two disability benefits are available:

  • The first offers basic coverage in the event of total disability from an accident only. You must also have one of our major medical plans with this benefit.
  • The second gives you more coverage for total disability and applies to both accidents and sicknesses. You can purchase this product as a standalone plan.

With both plans, you select:

  • A maximum benefit period (i.e., how long you get a check).
  • A benefit level—not to exceed 60% of your current income.

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