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Insurance Options in Hawaii

Get your HI health insurance choices and more here.

Find year-round HI health insurance and other coverage options for your different needs.

Individual health insurance plans and other options are available in Hawaii year-round. Supplemental plans for dental, vision, accident insurance and more can help meet your needs wherever you are in life. View plan pricing or find health care coverage options in HI now.



Short Term Medical Insurance

A Short Term Medical plan can be a fast, flexible insurance solution until you find long-term coverage, like if you’re between jobs, are a new college graduate, have retired early, or are experiencing other life events that leave you needing health insurance.F5


TriTerm Medical

TriTerm Medical is short-term health insurance lasting nearly 3 yearsF4 over 3 terms. It’s designed to offer benefits for an extended time in areas you and your family may need, including for preventive care, doctor office visits and prescriptions.


Hospital & Doctor Fixed Indemnity Insurance

Need help for out-of-pocket medical costs like deductibles or copays? These plans are designed to pay set cash amounts for qualified medical expenses.F10 Most plans include unlimited $0 virtual doctor visits 24/7 through a convenient app.



If you’re looking for Medicare, explore what UnitedHealthcare options are available where you live. Call 1-844-731-6094, TTY 711 or click below.


Dental Insurance

With no maximum age limits, dental plans can include preventive care, basic services, and major services. Add optional vision benefits to keep an eye on your vision needs.


Vision Insurance

With no maximum age restrictions, flexible plans that cover glasses, contacts or both, and NO waiting periods, it’s easy to see the value of Vision insurance.


Accident Insurance

Giving you some additional coverage in case you’re hurt in an accident, Accident Insurance can pay you cash benefits for your qualifying medical bills.


Critical Illness

Paired with other plans, Critical Illness insurance can help you after a diagnosis of a qualified condition by paying you a cash benefit.


Hospital Indemnity

Hospital indemnity insurance provides payment for each day in the hospital and other qualified expenses. You choose how to spend the money.


Term Life Insurance

Term Life insurance can ease some of the financial burden your family might face without you. Choose from multiple terms and benefit levels.


Telehealth Membership

Life gets busy. What if you could skip that trip to the doctor for a minor issue? A telehealth membership makes it easy to see a doctor by phone or video without leaving home.F12 (Telehealth products are not insurance.)

Download a Plan Brochure

For Medicare plan options, call 1-844-744-4339 TTY 711

Accident, Critical Illness, Dental, Hospital & Doctor Fixed Indemnity,  Hospital Guard Gi, Hospital Indemnity, Short Term, Term Life, TriTerm Medical, and Vision insurance plans are underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company.

Some insurance plans are subject to health underwriting, and do not cover preexisting conditions.

Medicare Advantage plans are insured through UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company or one of its affiliated companies, a Medicare Advantage organization with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in the plan depends on the plan’s contract renewal with Medicare.

Medicare Supplement plans are insured by UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company, Horsham, PA (UnitedHealthcare Insurance Company of New York, Islandia, NY for New York residents).

Short term health insurance coverage is not required to comply with certain federal market requirements for health insurance, principally those contained in the Affordable Care Act. Be sure to check your policy carefully to make sure you are aware of any exclusions or limitations regarding coverage of preexisting conditions or health benefits (such as hospitalization, emergency services, maternity care, preventive care, prescription drugs, and mental health and substance use disorder services). Your policy might also have lifetime and/or annual dollar limits on health benefits. If this coverage expires or you lose eligibility for this coverage, you might have to wait until an open enrollment period to get other health insurance coverage. Some Short Term Plans are available as association group insurance only to members of FACT, an independent association. Additional membership fees may apply.