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Keeping an eye on your vision health



Vision Insurance – Golden Rule Insurance Company

Keeping an eye on your vision health


With Vision insurance underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company you can choose between a standalone planF28 or a vision riderF29 (an option available with our dental plans, available for an additional premium). Our vision benefits let you pick the eye doctor you like and the prescription eyewear you prefer. From routine eye exams to access to discounts for vision laser surgery, we’ve framed our vision insurance plans to fit your life.

  • Coverage options – Depending on your plan, you can choose coverage for eyeglass lenses and frames, contact lenses, or bothF43
  • Lower out-of-pocket costs – You'll save more if you visit a provider from our large national network of private doctors and retail stores
  • The freedom to use a non-network provider – Out-of-network providers are also covered, without our network discountsF30
  • No waiting periods – So you can focus on what's ahead
  • Coverage for people of all ages – As long as the primary insured is over 18

If you're shopping for a vision plan, go to to find vision providers in your area and check if your provider is in our network.

Or, call our helpful licensed sales team at 1-800-273-8115 to make things clearer.

Day 1 coverage

Eye exam coverage on first day of the plan


No maximum age limit for plans


$10 copay eye exams with network providers


Why Vision Insurance – Golden Rule Insurance Company

Who should consider vision insurance?

The vision insurance options offered on provide supplemental support to help you keep up with your vision health. If you are in need of coverage for general routine eye exams and are looking for help when purchasing prescription eyewear, you can find the best vision plan for your situation. 


Add vision insurance to the coverage you build for yourself


Routine eye exams are covered Day 1 so you don't have to skip that trip to the eye doctor


Great if your Medicare plan doesn't come with vision insurance

Have health but no vision

Add the vision health coverage your employer plan doesn't have

Buying dental insurance

Add optional vision benefit to a dental plan to round out your coverage


Choosing the Right Plan

How will you use your vision plan?

For glasses OR contacts

If you want a plan that helps with the costs of either glasses or contacts, choose Vision Plan A.

Recommended Plan: Plan A

For glasses AND contacts

If you are looking for help with the costs of both your glasses and contacts, choose Vision Plan B.

Recommend Plan: Plan B

With a dental insurance plan

If you’re shopping for dental insurance, but also need vision coverage, then adding an optional vision benefit to your dental plan may be the most convenient choice.

Recommended Plan: Optional vision benefit with dental insurance planF29


VISION Insurance Options – Golden Rule Insurance Company

Take a glance at the benefits & compare with confidence

Vision plans underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company provide multiple options for your vision care. Our standalone vision insurance plans offer coverage for routine eye exams to check your vision health, as well as prescription eyewear benefits to help you see your best. There are plan options that help with the costs of either glasses OR contact lenses or plans that help with the costs of both glasses and contacts. And if you are looking for dental coverage, you can add vision benefits to that plan for a small  additional premium. Find out more about dental plans. 

Vision FAQs

You can choose a standalone vision insurance plan or in many states add an optional vision benefit to a dental plan you're planning to buy. To find out more about your vision coverage options, enter your zip code here. Or, call us for help.

Absolutely. UnitedHealthcare branded Vision insurance is available for people of all ages.F31 It’s a good supplement to fill that hole in your major medical coverage, including those who have Medicare.

Immediately. There are no waiting periods with UnitedHealthcare branded Vision insurance plans.

In some states, vision plans have a required 12-month initial policy term. Check the plan brochure for more information.

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This policy has exclusions, limitations, reduction of benefits, and terms under which the policy may be continued in force or discontinued. For costs and complete details of the coverage, call or write your insurance agent or the company, whichever is applicable.