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TriTerm Medical Insurance




UnitedHealthcare provides
access to health care for 27.3
million Americans.F1


TriTerm Medical – Golden Rule Insurance Company

What is TriTerm Medical insurance?

TriTerm Medical Insurance is a type of 3 year short term health insurance. But while standard short term plans provide limited benefits for a duration of nearly 1 year, TriTerm Medical plans offer more robust benefits for things like preventive care, office visits and prescriptions. And TriTerm Medical plans last for nearly 3 years of coverage over 3 terms.F4

TriTerm Medical insurance may be the right coverage for you right now. You can apply today. Coverage is available all year, and if you qualify, can begin as soon as 5 days after you apply.


Over 7,200 hospitals and other medical facilities are part of our nationwide networkF1


Access to quality care from 1.8 million physicians and other health care professionals.F1


$200 per person, per term preventive care/wellness coverage on many plans


Why TriTerm Medical – Golden Rule Insurance Company

Who can benefit from TriTerm health insurance?

If you've missed Open Enrollment, you're a gig worker taking your side hustle full time, or you're looking for more than a standard short term insurance health plan can offer, then TriTerm Medical insurance may be worth a look. With nearly 3 years of coverage, and more benefits than standard short term plans in areas like preventive care, office visits and prescriptions, TriTerm plans may provide the stable middle ground of health insurance you need between staying uncovered and finding a long-term health insurance solution.

Start your online TriTerm Medical insurance quote now, and you could be covered in as soon as 5 days.

Need 1+ Years Coverage

Lasts longer than standard short term


Or gig worker needing personal coverage

Focused on Family Wellness

Preventive & office visit benefits available

Want Rx Coverage

Prescription benefits with most plans

Missed Open Enrollment

Plans available year round


Choosing the Right Plan

How much do you use your health plan?


Choosing a higher deductible and higher coinsurance means you may save on monthly premium costs. Just remember that means more out-of-pocket costs for you when you use your insurance. Value plans, where available, keep monthly costs lower by eliminating preventive care and prescription coverage benefits.

Recommended Plan: Value Direct


For a plan that’s simple to use, choose Plan 100 Direct. Meet the deductible and most of your eligible medical expenses are covered at a 100% per person, per term. Choose Plan 80 Direct which has a 20% coinsurance after deductible for a lower monthly cost than Plan 100 Direct.

Recommended Plan: Plan 100 Direct or Plan 80 Direct


Choose a copay plan to pay a copay for doctor visits and prescriptions without having to meet the medical deductible first. All plans use network negotiated lower rates of care with network providers to keep your medical costs lower, too!

Recommended Plan: Copay Select Direct


TriTerm Medical Options – Golden Rule Insurance Company

Compare TriTerm Medical insurance plans

Take a glance at the benefits & compare insurance plans

Find a TriTerm Medical plan that fits your budget and life. From lower premium hospital benefit-only plans to your choice of deductible and copay levels, TriTerm plans offer options for almost any need. 

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Need help finding a health plan that fits? Call one of our licensed insurance brokers at. 1-800-273-8115.

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Other options

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No benefits will be paid during the first 12 months for a preexisting condition.

Preventive care has a 6-month waiting period. Waiting period does not apply in UT.

This plan is medically underwritten. Premium rates are estimated and subject to change based on underwriting results and health status.

TriTerm Medical premiums are expected to change for the second and third policy/certificate terms.