Why are you looking at auto and home insurance information on a health care company’s website? Because your sense of well-being is tied to more than just your health. It’s also tied to your feelings of independence and financial stability.

UnitedHealthcare and UnitedHealthOne® insurance products can help you and your family feel more secure and prepared for unforeseen medical expenses. But your home and your car are two major investments that impact your independence and financial stability, as well. We know you want to protect those, too.

That’s why UnitedHealthcare is working with Liberty Mutual and Goji Insurance to give our customers access to auto and home insurance. We want to help you address whatever insurance needs you might have.

Take a look at the options available from Liberty Mutual and Goji. They may have just the plans you need to round out your insurance coverage.

Liberty Mutual Home and Auto Insurance
Goji Home and Auto Insurance

Liberty Mutual Insurance

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A Message From Liberty Mutual Insurance
Liberty Mutual is working with UnitedHealthOne® to offer members special savings on quality auto and home insurance.1 And with benefits such as Multi-Policy Discount, Personal Property Replacement2, and 24-Hour Claims Assistance, you'll worry less and save more.

Goji Insurance

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Want to compare prices and policies from top car insurance companies side-by-side? Then take a look at what Goji has to offer.

Goji knows top insurance companies have preferred driver profiles. That means a company that’s good for one customer might be the wrong company for another with different needs.

Goji does the legwork, comparison shopping through over 16 different carriers for you. At Goji.com, you enter your information, and they find auto insurance carriers and policies that are the best fit for you. Goji puts insurance carrier plans right next to each other so you can quickly compare them and pick the rate and policy you want.

Find something you like? A Goji associate can call you and get you signed up right away. Goji wants to make it easy for you to get the right coverage from the best company for you.

1 Discounts and savings are available where state laws and regulations allow, and may vary by state. Certain discounts apply to specific coverages only. To the extent permitted by law, applicants are individually underwritten; not all applicants may qualify.

2 Optional coverage.