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Ready to simplify your care
using HealthiestYou?

When life gets busy, a trip to the doctor for a minor illness may not be convenient. The HealthiestYou telemedicine app by Teladoc® can help get you the treatment and information you need -- when you need it.

No waiting rooms and no office copays

Avoid the hassle of traffic getting to the doctor. Don’t waste time in the waiting room once you’re there. Don’t risk picking up new germs at an office visit.

General Medicine:

Why spend time and money getting checked out for sore throats, earaches and many other common illnesses? HealthiestYou has a network of physicians ready to diagnose, treat and prescribe1 right over the phone 24/7/365. There are no consult fees and no time limits for these calls. With HealthiestYou, you, your spouse and all dependent children up to age 18 can access virtual health care for $20 a month.

Behavioral Health:

Speak with board-certified psychiatrists, licensed psychologists or therapists by phone or video from wherever you feel most comfortable. Book appointments with ease and build an ongoing relationship with a mental health professional of their choice—all without having to travel to a doctor’s office. (Visit fees apply, not included in monthly fee).


In two business days or less, you can get a diagnosis and treatment of skin conditions like acne, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, and more. No appointment necessary — you’ll communicate with a U.S. board-certified dermatologist through our online message center. (Visit fees apply, not included in monthly fee).

Locate providers, shop and price procedures

Check out the HealthiestYou radar feature to find nearby doctors, dentists and other health care providers. In addition, you can comparison shop to find the best prices on prescriptions and common procedures.

Stay connected using technology for health care

The HealthiestYou Telehealth app sends you alerts and reminders based on your location to make sure you’re getting the most out of the service.

HealthiestYou by Teladoc® and UnitedHealthcare are not affiliated and each entity is responsible for its own contractual and financial obligations. All members are encouraged to maintain adequate insurance from a responsible provider.

1HealthiestYou is designed to complement, and not replace, the care you receive from your primary care physician. HealthiestYou physicians are an independent network of doctors who advise, diagnose and prescribe at their own discretion. Physicians provide cross coverage and operate subject to state regulations. Physicians in the independent network do not prescribe DEA controlled substances, non-therapeutic drugs and certain other drugs which may be harmful because of their potential for abuse. HealthiestYou does not guarantee that a prescription will be written.


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