Accidental Injury Insurance

Set benefits paid for covered expenses

Benefits paid regardless of other coverage

No Deductible to Meet

No out-of-pocket deductibles you have to pay

Your Choice of Network Provider

No networks you have to stay in for coverage

Hospital and Doctor Insurance

Fixed Indemnity Plans

Help for Many Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenses

Hospital and doctor fixed indemnity insurance, also known as fixed-benefit insurance or fee for service insurance, pays a set amount of money when you receive specific covered medical services.1 That's money that can serve as a financial boost to help you deal with those expenses.2

Bills can be sneaky. They have a way of showing up when you least expect them—one right on top of another, once you’ve forgotten about that purchase you made. Medical bills can be the most unexpected. A health condition often comes without warning and that means a visit to the doctor or a ride in an ambulance.

But what if there were benefits to help offset those up-front medical costs you're facing? That’s the concept behind Hospital and Doctor fixed indemnity insurance.

Cash from Fixed Indemnity Benefit can be used for bills

Hospital and Doctor Fixed Indemnity Benefits

Fixed Indemnity Benefit lets you choose what to do with your payments

Set benefit paid for covered services

Fixed Indemnity Benefit has no network restrictions

Amount paid per service the same regardless of provider

Fixed Indemnity Benefit has no deductible to meet

No out-of-pocket deductible to pay before receiving benefits

Fixed Indemnity Benefit is available year round

Insurance that’s available year round

Fixed Indemnity Benefit is renewable until age 65

Coverage possible for the entire family and renewable

Hospital and Doctor fixed indemnity can help ease some of the complications and uncertainty involved in paying for certain health care expenses. Two products in this category are available here, giving you flexibility in making it a part of your health insurance coverage.3

UnitedHealthcare Health ProtectorGuard

Underwritten by Golden Rule Insurance Company

Health ProtectorGuard is a flexible Hospital and Doctor product with...

  • First dollar coverage, meaning you or your provider is paid the fixed benefit amount for covered expenses once the expense is submitted
  • Coverage possible for the entire family and renewable through age 65
  • No network restrictions for providers or hospitals, with service rate discounts available at many locations on some plans
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Core Access

Underwritten by Independence American Insurance Company (IAIC)

IHC and UnitedHealthOneCore Access is a customizable Hospital and Doctor product with...

  • Four plan choices
  • Reduction of benefit options to control your costs
  • Network rate advantages available through some providers and hospitals
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What Fixed Indemnity Insurance Is

A major medical insurance plan will pay for all or a percentage of covered expenses after you meet certain deductibles, copays or out-of-pocket costs. However, a fixed indemnity plan pays you a certain predetermined amount for specified health care expenses.

  • You don’t have to pay copays or out-of-pocket deductibles before you get benefits.
  • You don’t have to worry about conflicts with other insurance coverage.
  • You don’t have to stay in-network if you don't want to.

If you have a qualified expense under your Hospital and Doctor fixed indemnity plan, you or the provider you designate get paid the amount specified in your plan for that service.1

What Fixed Indemnity Insurance Isn’t

Don’t be confused. This type of plan provides limited benefits. It pays a certain amount per covered medical service, often up to a certain calendar-year maximum.

It is not major medical insurance and does not provide the mandated coverage necessary to avoid a penalty under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), often called Obamacare. It does not provide coverage for all the essential health benefits outlined in the ACA.

And unlike an ACA plan, it will most likely not provide coverage for expenses resulting from any preexisting medical conditions. Read your plan carefully to see what is and what isn’t covered. Simply put, a fixed indemnity plan isn’t meant to be your main health insurance.

Help When You Need It

Still, though it may not be designed to be your main health insurance, fixed indemnity insurance is designed to help you when you face health expenses. It can assist you with your medical costs and supplement your comprehensive health coverage. It can help:

  • Pay another health plan’s high deductible
  • Offset some prescription drug costs, if the plan you choose includes that coverage
  • Pay for lab or diagnostic services, like blood tests, X-rays or ultrasounds
  • Cover the expenses associated with surgery or an in-office procedure performed by your doctor
  • When that bill for ambulance service comes due

Sometimes a little help goes a long way. Hospital and Doctor insurance can be that financial boost to make your medical expenses more manageable.

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UnitedHealthcare offers a broad selection of supplemental insurance products that suit almost any coverage needs. Build the right package of coverage for you and your loved ones today.

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1 These plans are medically underwritten. Benefits are not paid for expenses resulting from preexisting conditions. See specific plans for details.

2 THIS PLAN PROVIDES LIMITED BENEFITS. This is a supplement to health insurance and is not a substitute for the minimum essential coverage required by the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Lack of major medical coverage (or other minimum essential coverage) may result in an additional payment with your taxes.

3 Health ProtectorGuard is underwritten by Golden Rule insurance Company. The Core Access series is underwritten by Independence American Insurance company and administered by The Loomis Company. Golden Rule Insurance Company and Independence American Insurance Company are separate entities and are not responsible for each other's contractual or financial obligations.
Independence American Insurance Company is a member of the IHC Group. IHC is the brand name for plans, products and services provided by subsidiaries and affiliate member companies of The IHC Group. UnitedHealthOne is a brand name that represents a portfolio of insurance options for individuals and families.