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Loss of COBRA Qualifying Life Event

Losing COBRA Benefits

Losing COBRA Benefits

Is your COBRA coverage about to expire? After months of not worrying about health insurance, do you know what to do next?

Here’s the good news: Rolling off of COBRA coverage is a qualifying event that opens a special enrollment period for you to purchase your own health coverage. And you’ll have more options, flexibility and control of your health plan outside of COBRA with an individual health insurance plan.

So now you get to call the shots, and we can guide you along the way. We have plans of all shapes and sizes. We’ll help you find a plan that provides the health care you need within your budget.

The Clock Is Ticking

Don’t miss your chance to enroll! You only have a short time (from 60 days before until 60 days after you lose coverage) to make health insurance changes. Missing the deadline means you may wait for up to 10 months for the next open enrollment period.


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