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Getting Married

A Day to Remember

Now, we know health insurance isn’t exactly the most thrilling topic for newlyweds, but it’s important. You’ve just created a new family, and your family has unique needs and goals. Your health insurance plan should reflect those. That’s the beauty of individual, or private, health insurance – you make it your own. Take a moment to sit down together and look over our selection of health insurance plans.


Your Family. Your Way.

Your wedding day is a date to remember for more reasons than you may realize. You only have 60 days from the day you get married to enroll in new health insurance. During this time you can add one of you to the other’s plan or enroll in a new one. The clock is ticking!

Plans and Credits

View your plan options and find out if you’re eligible for a tax credit.


A Newlyweds Guide to Health Insurance

Getting married is all about joining things together — lives, bank accounts, furnishings, families and even health insurance. As a new couple starting out, it’s important to be on the same page. We’ll walk you through key areas to discuss while choosing your new health insurance.


Medical History

In sickness and in health, right? Part of being married means keeping each other as healthy as possible. Make sure you’re both up-to-date on each other’s medical history, so you can encourage each other to invest in the right care. 

Family planning

Maybe you’re thinking about growing your family. Or maybe not. However, getting married is often an important time to think ahead toward any prenatal/maternity benefits you might need later. Maternity and newborn coverage is a part of the essential benefits in all qualified plans under the Affordable Care Act.


Make sure to include health insurance in your new family budget. How much are you comfortable spending on monthly premiums? What has your health care spending been in the past? Does it make more financial sense for you to be covered under one of your employer-sponsored plans or under an individual family plan?


Now is a good opportunity to discuss what medications you each take regularly and how much coverage you’ll need. Some plans have set amounts, or copays, and others are less structured. Prescription drug coverage can look quite different from plan to plan.

Frequency of Doctor Visits

Talking about how often you see health care providers helps you decide on the right insurance plan. For example, people who visit their health care providers regularly might want to especially consider Copay plans.

Preferred Doctors

Do you and your spouse have current providers you want to keep? Or maybe you don’t mind switching around. Everyone feels differently, so make sure to have this discussion. You’ll want to find a health insurance plan with a provider network you’re both comfortable with.


Personalized Advice

Bring your questions to our licensed Product Advisors six days a week.