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Losing Union Coverage

On Strike, Locked Out or Leaving the Union

Strike and lockout situations can be difficult to handle. There’s usually plenty of confusion and frustration to go around. Amidst the strain of it all, you may have lost your health insurance due to these changes at work. Or maybe your life has changed and you’re now leaving the union and losing your health coverage.F75

No need to worry. Losing your job-based health insurance coverage may be a qualifying event that triggers a special enrollment period when you can find a private, individual health insurance plan.

We know that times are tough and that’s why we have plan options for budgets big and small. Even if you’re eligible to receive COBRA benefits, we can help you weigh all of your options from long-term to Short Term insurance plans.

When Times Are Tough at Work

You can trust us to handle health insurance transitions for you. We’ve been connecting individuals and families with plans that work for their needs and budget.

Quotes in 30 Seconds

Get a quote! It’s the quickest way to learn about your plan options.


4 Tips for Finding the Right Plan – for You

1. Determine what type of plan you want

  • Compare new plans to what you’ve had before.
  • Check out the scope of benefits offered.
  • Determine what benefits you like and what you don’t.

2. Look for coverage that meets your health care needs

  • Do you visit the doctor’s office or hospital often?
  • What are your dental or vision needs?
  • Are there any medications you take regularly?
  • What current or upcoming health needs do you have?

3. Figure out your health care budget

  • Get a plan with a deductible, the amount you pay before your insurance pays anything, you are comfortable paying.
  • Choose a monthly premium, what you pay to have your insurance coverage, that fits your budget.

4. Know the cost benefits of in-network care

  • Look at your provider’s network options.
  • Make sure your health plan covers the providers you need.

Personalized Advice

Bring your questions to our licensed Product Advisors six days a week.


1 Your employment contract may require your employer to keep your benefits, or you may be eligible for COBRA. Check with your employer.