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Adding a Child to Your Family

Don’t miss your chance to enroll! You only have a short time (from 60 days before until 60 days after you lose coverage) to make health insurance changes. Missing the deadline means you may wait for up to 10 months for the next open enrollment period.

The Clock Is Ticking

Whether you just had a baby, adopted or added a foster child, your family is growing. From choosing a pediatrician to lining up childcare or school options, you want only the best for your child.

Adding a child to the family brings great joy and lots of adjustments. Fortunately, it's also a qualifying event that makes you eligible for a special enrollment period. So, finding the right health insurance plan can be at the top of your to-do list.

Plans and Credits

View your plan options and find out if you’re eligible for a tax credit.


5 Pointers for Selecting a Pediatrician

If you have not done so already, you’ll want to find the right pediatrician within your network. You can use these pointers to make your decision easier.

  1. How close do you live to the pediatrician’s office?
  2. Finding a pediatrician close to home comes in handy. Driving long distances with sick kids is no fun for anyone involved.

  3. What’s the doctor’s office like?
  4. Stop by and take a look around. Is the waiting room clean and welcoming? Are the staff members friendly and helpful? Do patients look frustrated with long wait times?

  5. What are the office hours and after-hours polices?
  6. Little ones can need medical attention at all hours of the day or night. Find out when the office is open and how they handle after-hours needs.

  7. Is the doctor a solo practitioner or part of a group practice?
  8. Is it easy to get an appointment with your doctor when you need it? What happens if he/she is unavailable? Find out who else your child might see for medical care.

  9. Ask around. Check your network.
  10. Find out which pediatricians your own doctor recommends. Ask your friends and family who they take their kids to. Look for online reviews as well. Check your network for recommended pediatricians.


Personalized Advice

Bring your questions to our licensed Product Advisors six days a week.