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5 ways to naturally lower your risk of cataracts

Are you worried about getting this eye condition? Here’s what you can do to keep your eyes healthy.

Myths and facts about artificial sweeteners

Thinking about swapping sugar for a substitute? Here’s what you should know.

Healthy for life: Outdoor adventure safety

Outdoor activities can boost your mood and health. But preparing for them correctly can keep you safe. Here’s what you need to know.

Healthy for life: Water safety

Accidents can happen when you’re in the water. Learn the basics of water safety so that you and your loved ones can avoid injury.

What is a normal blood sugar reading?

Once you understand what a normal glucose level is, you’ll unlock a powerful tool for managing your diabetes and overall health.

6 science-based habits that may boost your mood

If you’re looking to reduce stress and anxiety, these simple strategies may help you feel calmer and happier.

Open Enrollment Period (OEP): What it’s all about

If you want to make a change or update your health insurance, OEP is your chance. Here’s what to know about this annual window for enrolling in a plan.

6 symptoms of depression in women vs. men

Women are more likely to feel guilt. Men are more likely to express anger. Here are the differences in how people experience depression.

Rectal cancer vs. colon cancer: What’s the difference, and how can I cut my risk?

Doctors diagnose thousands of new colorectal cancer cases each year. Here’s how you can help prevent it.

What you need to know about your family’s health history

If your parents or close relatives have chronic conditions, you’re going to want to tell your doctor. Here’s why.

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